Welcome to presented by Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito.  We have uploaded some of our best audio evidence from around the country. 

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03/17/14 Newly updated audio evidence for Ethyl's Party!

03/16/14 American Spectral Society members investigated a private home in Indiana.  There was a lot of activity in real time using a KII meter.  Stay tuned for evidence updates!

03/08/14 Nicole Tito and American Spectral Society members investigated Ethyl's Party in the Southside of Chicago.  Stay tuned for audio updates and visit the ASS's website also regarding this location.

02/17/14 Lisa and Nicole are PROUD American Spectral Society Members.  Check out the website at:

This is a fun group of people from around the country with all different backgrounds!

02/16/14 Lisa and Nicole will be investigating some local locations in Chicago and Indiana in the upcoming months.  Stay tuned for updates!

12/20/13 Check out photos from American Spectral Society's excursion to Bachelors Grove

Lisa and Nicole are sad to announce  teammate and friend, Dave Guss, has passed away in early May after battling cancer.  We will truly miss him and his fun personality that always brought a smile to our faces.  May God bless him and his family.

Dave is pictured below in the top right behind Lisa in the infamous Waverly Hills Room 502 during an investigation.